Are you confident, happy, and “well put together” on the outside, but struggling, suffering or hurting on the inside?

You can have relief, live with more ease and experience more inner peace. 

And it doesn’t need to be hard work.  It doesn’t need to take a long time.  It can be easier and quicker than you may think.

Your life has been rolling along pretty smoothly, but..... there’s been a few bumps and twists and turns on your path of life recently.

Or perhaps your path started getting rough a long time ago and it now feels like you’re constantly pushing uphill.

Relationship difficulties, a significant loss, a health crisis, caring for aging parents, and the pressures of business or the workplace – these sorts of struggles can get in the way of nurturing your meaningful relationships and fully enjoying your life.

Perhaps you’re feeling angry or resentful toward a spouse or partner who doesn’t carry out commitments, toward a family member who criticizes you constantly, or toward colleagues who don’t work as hard as you do.

Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected and unhappy in relationships while trying to keep everyone around you happy.  

Perhaps you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed over all your “shoulds, musts and have to’s” and there seems to be almost no time for fun and to nurture yourself.

At times you may even feel like you’re falling apart.

And you’re so tired of struggling and trying so hard.

It Can Be So Much Easier

The reason that you’re having so much trouble is that all these situations involve emotional responses that, left unresolved, disrupt your nervous system and the flow of energy in your body.  And no one ever taught you or modeled how to release painful emotions.

You’ve likely been trying to think your way out of difficult situations.  But when the nervous system gets overloaded, it’s almost impossible to think your way out of it. 

The good news is that there are easy, elegant and effective techniques that work with your body to settle the nervous system and balance energy flow to restore your inner peace and natural balance. 


Hi, I’m Monica Milas, and I’ve helped hundreds of women find relief from their struggles, suffering and emotional pain and start experiencing more ease and grace in their lives.

Using gentle body-centered methods, I can help you:

·      find rapid and lasting relief from current stressful situations
·      permanently release painful emotional ties to the past, and
·      shift ineffective behaviors (like people-pleasing) that keep you in stress mode.

When you release emotions, you’ll:

·      feel the relief instantly.
·      feel good, deep in your body.
·      be more connected to your heart’s desires.

When this happens, you’ll become clear about what you truly want for yourself, how you want to live your life, and have renewed energy to nurture your meaningful relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

You’ll be on your way to creating your personal path to true, deep enjoyment of life. 

Get Started On Your Path to Inner Peace


So what I do is lead you through a process to uncover what is getting in the way of fully enjoying your life, and then gently guide you in releasing painful moments so that you can feel the pleasure of relief, deep in your body, and make better, truer choices from your heart.

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Monica Milas,  Emotional Freedom Mentor, Effective Boundaries Teacher

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