An Introductory session for mid-life women

PLEASE NOTE: No introductory sessions are scheduled for 2019, but can be arranged if you wish to introduce EFT to a small group of women - your friends or work colleagues. Contact me for more info.

Would you like to access greater joy and satisfaction in life and in work?

Are you a career woman whose life is going pretty well, except that you're:

  • longing to end your struggle with a difficult work, business, or personal situation?

  • wanting to change ineffective habitual behaviors (like procrastinating or people-pleasing) that stop you from being as successful or efficacious as you'd like to be?

  • wanting relief from feeling angry, hurt, resentful, worried, anxious, overwhelmed, or unhappy about a particular situation?

Tap Into Your Joy with EFT

Tap Into Your Joy with EFT

A powerful way to get these things is to release the underlying emotions that tie up your precious time and energy, using a gentle and highly effective approach called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT allows you to experience more joy in your relationships, in your work or business, and in your life by releasing the things that interfere with being successful and happy.

By assisting your body to release the source of painful disruptions in life, EFT provides lasting emotional relief, enables you to think more clearly, and opens you to more joy in living.

My clients regularly tell me that, after EFT release work, they:

  • are no longer reactive to people and situations that used to "push their buttons",

  • feel lighter, more peaceful and at ease in their bodies, and

  • feel happier and more satisfied in their relationships, in their work, and in their live.

Here are some outcomes that my clients have experienced after EFT sessions:

  • Paige overcame an uncharacteristic lack of motivation to promote her new business and is now feeling confident and going "full steam ahead."

  • After releasing a lifetime of anger and resentment, Leanne is enjoying much greater harmony and fun in her relationship.

  • Instead of feeling "frozen," Pat now feels calm, comfortable and energized before giving presentations.

  • Bonnie ended her addiction to sugar and her "inner war" with food; she's now easily making healthy food choices and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Yvonne was stuck in the sales process, and is now closing high-value sales - easily!

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Curious? Come to find out and experience what EFT can do for you.   

Feel the relief
Instill a feeling of lightness in your body
Tap into your innate joy

Date: TBA - please contact me if you want more information - no sessions are scheduled for 2019
Fee: no cost
Location: Monica's office in south Regina

Registration is required.  To enhance your experience, this event will be limited to a small group of 8 women.

Priority registration will be given to those who have not yet experienced EFT and my work, and who have not attended a free introductory talk in the past year.

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