EFT increases energy and confidence
"For most of my life, I have experienced extended periods of anxiety and fear. After my first session with Monica, I began to notice a distinct shift in my sense of well-being and after four sessions, I am finding I have so much more energy and confidence to step outside the box that I have been in for as long as I can remember. Monica's methods are so effective. I have been using tapping to process and let go of feelings that in the past would have hung over me for days like a dark cloud.  Having the tools to continue my work at home has really complemented the work that Monica and I did together in our sessions." - Maureen, retired manager

EFT eases long-term suffering
"The shifts I experienced from EFT have lasted. I no longer have any expectations of my Dad showing his love for me in a certain way and I feel free from the years of suffering that caused me. I no longer feel any sadness about my husband's death and I now laugh about some things when remembering him." - Norine Lesperance, hair stylist

EFT releases unseen obstacles, allowing momentum in business
"I started EFT with Monica more out of curiosity, and what I walked away with was an emotional lightness and clarity. I was feeling stuck with some of the things I wanted to be doing to build my business. Cognitively everything made sense and I couldn't rationalize what my barrier was. Through my inner work with Monica, things started to surface that I didn't realize were issues, but I soon saw how and why they were. When these energetic obstacles were released, my momentum to move forward increased and my inner resistance was gone."- Jill Poulton, leadership and business coach, trainer, speaker

Creative energy unleashed with EFT tapping
"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to release my still-intense grief and sorrow over the death of my husband five years ago. The day after my third session with Monica, I spontaneously started writing. There was a book inside me and it began to write itself. I had no previous plans to do this. My creative energy had been held captive by my emotional state. Until I was free, I had no idea of the power of the chains that held me back. My book Sunface has now been published and I've begun to work on my next one." - Joy Brown, author, retired teacher and principal

Boundaries workshop creates confidence
"I now feel more confident about asking for what I need. This workshop gave me so many skills and insights. I learned how to honor my personal boundaries while respecting the boundaries of others. I regularly use the strategies and techniques that Monica taught us with my family, friend and colleagues. Being aware of boundaries has helped me to grow and changes some of my negative patterns where I was stuck on automatic pilot. Everyone should take this workshop!" - Victoria G., project consultant

EFT during cancer treatment brings powerful releases, self-acceptance, understanding 
"Monica has been doing EFT and boundary work with me to assist me in responding to my cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her work with me has been very powerful.What I've found unique about working with Monica is how easily and gently she can guide me to the place of my greatest distress, tap on it, clarify it - all the while accepting all my feelings, and accepting myself in any situation. Even when I'm confused about several things at one time, her training, experience and intuition brings me powerful releases and understanding. Often I find that at the end of a session I can see the connections among seemingly different situations, and then find grace and acceptance in the most challenging situations and relationships." - Darlene Gray, artist, writer, advocate, survivor

Group sessions full of flexibility and surprises
"I appreciate your flexibility, Monica - how you are able to address the needs of individual participants and adapt the program to the group's ever-evolving needs. Your comments helped me feel encouraged and validated. Your groundedness and openness in sharing your own journey modeled the process, helping me to feel safe and encouraging me to be open. There was a good mix of teaching, group process, and individual work - with concepts grounded in experience. I love your passion for groups and the surprises that arise from the work."  -  Debra

Greater contentment found 
"Thanks, Monica, for your assistance in helping me realize and deal with my emotional baggage. I feel lighter in spirit and more content than I have in a long time." - Lorraine 

EFT stops long-term sugar cravings
"I have recommended EFT to many of my biofeedback clients in the past, and decided to try EFT myself - for my sugar addiction.  Although I have accomplished many positive shifts in my quest for a lifestyle change, the sugar addiction kept stumping me. I was quite surprised with the things that Monica helped me uncover that kept me in this addiction. What really surprised me was how deep and how far back this really started! I don’t have those awful cravings anymore. Monica is truly one of the parachutes in my life."  -  Aileen, biofeedback therapist 

Work brings empowerment
"I feel empowered - I now have tools to make sense of my experiences. I feel that I can take charge of situations that upset me and not feel helpless. I have a starting place and model to work with. Monica, I liked how you let it be okay to express, without correcting but just suggesting."  -  Rachel   

Greater self-awareness and emotional expression realized
"Working with Monica has enlightened me in areas of relaxation, emotional expression and self-awareness. She tapped in and expanded my view of the relationship between my body, mind and spirit. I have taken home her techniques and concepts and am able to incorporate them into many areas of my life."  -  Sandra

Genuineness and caring acknowledged
"I like that you are able to respond to whatever comes up for participants with suggestions, questions, and feedback - very genuine and caring in your listening."  -  Jennifer

EFT Workshop is a “wow”
"I very much enjoyed this course. The 'wow' factor was high and the results were quick and remarkable. I thought the presentation of the essential tools was logical and easy to follow. I very much appreciated your care and consideration for every member of the group. You were always ready to answer questions to the best of your ability and were respectful of peoples' inputs and needs."  -  Craig

Using EFT overcomes emotional overeating
"EFT tapping helped me to get balanced and get in touch with my emotions. I used the tapping initially for my food cravings and then to get to the stuffed emotions that were causing me to overeat. After the group program, eating no longer seems to be a very big issue and I know I can use EFT or the other workshop tools in times of high stress so that I don't need to use food. I think this is an exceptional workshop."  -  Mary

Passion recognized
"I will definitely recommend you to others. You have such a passion for people and for what you do." - Janet

Fibromyalgia, anxiety, & emotional pain eased
"I have lived with the symptoms of fibromyalgia since childhood, and have experienced many physical and emotional traumas along the way. I had initially sought out Trager bodywork treatments with Monica to ease my fibromyalgia symptoms. These sessions were extremely relaxing and helped release tension from my body and clear my thinking. With Monica’s sensitive encouragement I went on to work through boundary and trauma issues with her. She opened a world of relating and perspective that I had not known before. As a result of Monica’s astute and skillful work with me, I feel more confident when relating with others, my levels of anxiety and emotional pain are lower, my fibromyalgia symptoms have lessened, and I am physically more relaxed. Monica, I cannot thank you enough for being the quality practitioner and person that you are."  -  Sharon