I am available to speak to your group, from 6 to 20 women.  This may be:

  • a small group of friends
  • a professional organization
  • a small work unit in a company
  • a non-profit organization or board

My favorite form of presentation is what I call a "mini-workshop" - which is 2 hours long and provides the participants with significant content and tools they can use in their work and personal lives right away.

While I can custom-design a presentation to fit your needs, here is a short list of "ready-to-go" topics:

  • Tap Into a More Vibrant Life - An Introduction to EFT
  • Free Your Emotions, Free Your Health
  • Creating Effective Boundaries

Interested?  Send me a message by clicking here.

Although I am presently focusing primarily on individual client sessions, I have a strong background in facilitating groups and workshops in EFT work, boundaries, emotional eating, and other personal growth topics.