What's weighing you down?  

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed by obligations, frustrated at work, worried about aging parents, upset with a spouse or partner, or anxious about your health.

    Perhaps it's hard for you to say "no" to others, and then wind up with way too much on your plate and feeling resentful.

    Perhaps you're trying to cope with a significant loss or major life change, or contemplating a change but feeling stuck or powerless to move forward.

    The common factor in all these situations is emotional responseNegative emotions - like fear, hurt, anger, resentment, grief, and anxiety - drain your energy and weigh you down.

    The good news is that relief can be yours - now.

    There are easy, gentle, elegant solutions to release negative emotions.  When you release the weight of negative emotions, you'll feel much lighter and more energized, very day. And you'll feel more peaceful, happier, and even joyful.

    You'll feel the relief, end the struggle, and start feeling lighter, more peaceful, and happier.

    That's what these group sessions are all about.

    I really enjoyed my experience. The shifts I experienced have lasted. I no longer have any expectations of my Dad showing his love for me in a certain way and I feel free from the years of suffering that caused me. I no longer feel any sadness about my husband’s death and I now laugh about some things when remembering him
    — Norine Lesperance

    In weekly sessions, you'll join a small group of women to:

    • release the stuff that's draining you and feel the relief
    • feel more at peace within yourself and access your innate happiness and joy
    • become clear on what's important to you and make new choices
    • free up more energy for daily living 

    Participants usually find that the issues they bring are shared by other women in the group, giving them relief in knowing they are not alone. The beauty of group work is that group members support each other, in addition to the support that I provide as your facilitator and emotional guide.

    Come and create more ease and joy in your life.

    Here's what you'll get:

    1. Individual attention. The group size is limited to 8 women to ensure plenty of individual attention. We'll work together on your specific issues, and everyone in the group makes progress due to the "borrowing benefits" of working together. The package includes one private session with Monica to enhance your individual experience.

    2. Lifelong benefits. You'll learn easy, simple tools that you can use by yourself - and that you can use for the rest of your life. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is used extensively in this work.

    3. Ongoing support. Groups meet weekly to maintain momentum. As a group member, you'll have first priority to register for the next group session before it's open to new members.

    4. Experienced guidance. Monica has extensive experience working with emotions and trauma, and has helped hundreds of women find relief from difficult situations, heal from trauma, and re-discover the joy in living. She is committed to lifelong learning and continually learns new skills through reading, research and professional training.   

    Not sure if this is for you?
    Email me to set up a time for us to chat.


    The Program Package includes:
    - 5 Group Sessions (10 hours)
    - 1 Private Session with Monica (75 minutes)
    - scheduled at your convenience
    - FREE BONUS: "The Tapping Solution" book
          - to complement the group work

    Group Dates:  Next dates TBA
    Time:  7:00-9:00pm          
    Price:  TBA
    Location: Monica's office in south Regina

    TO REGISTER:  email Monica

    1. Cheque payable to Monica Milas Healing Arts: email Monica for mailing address
    2. PayPal: email Monica to request PayPal invoice

    Other details:
    - Your registration will be confirmed by email.
    - All prices include taxes.
    - For notices of cancellations (send to Monica by email):
          - up to 7 days prior to the start of the group: registration fee will be refunded.

          - less than 7 days prior to the starting date of the group: registration fee will not be refunded unless you find someone to fill your space and their payment is received prior to the first session.
    - If these sessions are cancelled by Monica, you will be notified and all amounts paid will be fully refunded.